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Republic Capital Corporation
11061 Dixie Highway
Walton, KY 41094
Toll-free 866-431-7447
Tel 859-342-8600
Fax 859-342-8606

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Contact Us

Aaron Wolf  Ext. 105 aaron@repcap.com 
George Sandmann Ext. 123 George@repcap.com
Glenn Crone Ext. 110 GC@repcap.com
Joe Shockey Ext. 117 joe@repcap.com
Ronnie Heines Ext. 107 RH@repcap.com
Trish Smith Ext. 104 Trish@repcap.com
Tony Gideon Ext. 116 tony@repcap.com
Al Zappa Ext. 120
Office Personnel:
Denenna Singleton Ext. 121 denenna.singleton@repcap.com
Robin Zappa Ext. 124 rzappa@repcap.com